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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Having Fun With Your Phonecam (Or Is It Camphone?)

Who would have thought that the technology of communication and photography would be fused together in one gadget. Years ago, this was not even James Bond stuff. But here it is and it has become so popular that people don't mind the price. Why would they, when it gives them the freedom to communicate and capture the times of their lives and share them. But other than that, which is the obvious, I think it also made something else readily available to many people. And that is expressing their artistic side through digital photography. Let's face it, in the days of film, a common individual would not dare take a picture of a beautiful sunset, nor a cute puppy, nor a delicious looking food on the dining table. No! Film cameras are limited to 36 shots at the most and most people would reserve them for taking pictures of their families or friends during a birthday party or an outing at the beach, a scenery maybe but still, with their loved ones in the picture. Times have changed and the phonecam offers freedom in photography that your old "instamatic" never has before. With virtually unlimited number of shots, and being able to carry them anytime anywhere, you should really try to explore with pictures. A good one (as a camera) would have a resolution of 2 Megapixels or, if you can afford it, get one with 3 Megapixels. But one with 1.3 Megapixels should turn some pictures that are decent enough.
Just shoot anything that you find interesting. Anything can be a subject. For example, a bunch of pens. Take a picture just because of the different colors. Or be creative, move your cameraphone around and try to explore different angles by using the LCD screen preview. Whatever you do, have fun with it. Don't be afraid you'd take a bad picture. Remember, you can always delete when the pictures don't turn out alright.


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