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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hotshots - We Were "Bagets" A Long Time Ago

. . .more than a movie to me - it is about who we were a long time ago.

I bought a Video CD copy of this movie which was first released in Philippine cinema's in January of 1985. Two months later, I graduated from High School. "Bagets" was a term that became a part of my generation's lingo derived from the Tagalog word 'bagito' or newbie or unexperienced, in English. In other words, teenagers. There was also a Filipino movie with the same title which was released earlier and has spawned a long line of teen-oriented movies, including the one pictured above - Hotshots. My real targets when I went to Music One in Greenbelt, Makati, Philippines last April 2006 was to find DVD's of movies I failed to see here in Qatar. To my surprise, they sell old Filipino movies as well. I bought Hotshots because this movie brings back memories when I was young and the characters illustrate how we, the "bagets" once were. The punk, the famous singer, the nerd trying hard to be cool with the ladies, and the goody boy next door. It was great to see this movie again. The feeling was like being in a reunion where you meet old friends and reminisce the good old times and then learn how we are now. The actors in the picture above have also evolved just like we have. Aga Muhlach is now one of the Philippines' most succesful movie actor; Gary Valenciano is the country's most succesful recording artist; Herbert Bautista has, since then, become a very succesful politician; and Raymond Lauchengco enjoyed some level of success in the recording industry. Like these actors, me and my classmates have moved on and has evolved to who they are now. Some have become doctors, engineers, nurses, IT consultants, etc... Hotshots is more than a movie to me - it is about who we were a long time ago. This article is lovingly dedicated to my high school batchmates - Far Eastern University, Class of 1985-85. Hello guys! It with much regret that I can't make it to our reunion in August. Cheers, alexdpx


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