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Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Fun with a Phonecam

originally uploaded by alexdpx.

Here's another sample of what you can do with the tiny lens in your phonecam (or camphone, whatever you choose to call it.) I know optical zoom is extremely rare but without it, you get to expand your creativity by experimenting with composition possibilities. With zoom, we often times tend to just zoom in or out and just don't bother about the subtleties of photographic composition. In this example, I was interested in the center of this teflon roof only but without zoom, the marble wall (part of a scenic elevator shaft) will always be there so I might as well include it and this is the angle I chose.

Or, just take a picture of whatever you fancy.

Like this Lamborghini Gallardo, which I found in a basement carpark. I can't stare at it for too long or try to experiment with different angles or people might suspect I'm making plans to steal this car. A quick snap is all I need to capture an image of it and let people know I'm simply appeciating its beauty.


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