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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Personal Favorites - My 1st Year with Flickr.

These are flickr users from the Philippines who have been either contacts of mine or members of the flickr group "Philippines" and "Flickrs Photo Club". We just had a photoshoot of Manila Bay sunset from Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard, Manila. From on-line friends to real friends.
I believe, that by now, flickr ( )is no longer one of the internet's best kept secrets. Many have been written about it's cool features. If you don't know about it yet, I suggest you visit their home page by clicking on the link above and view the quick tour.
I think it can explain better what flickr is all about. It has been a wonderful first year! I met a lot of people, mostly from the Philippines. Many became friends on-line while, I had the privilege of meeting some in person and they became friends for real.
To celebrate my first year, I ordered this.
This is the photobook I ordered late last month from QOOP. It contains 50 pages, 300 of my peronal favorites out of more than 500 from my photostream. I'll probably include more next time. It was delivered to my office today via United States Postal Service.
I ordered this 50 page coffee table book featuring my favorite 300 photos posted in flickr from QOOP, another company providing services for flickr users. The photos featured in this book are in my flickr photostream set called "My Personal Favorites". I will write about the QOOP service next time.


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