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Friday, May 07, 2010

A Long Day . . . A Fun and Productive Long Day.

Al Shamal, the Northern-most tip of Qatar

Al Shamal . . . is literally translated in English as "North".  I just got back from a long and tiring day of driving, photoshoot and . . . yeah, I got scratches on my knees and right hand - battle scars, as I prefer to call them.  Despite all that, I had a lot of fun and was able to satisfy my hunger for artistic expression. 

Thanks to Air, Leah and the rest of my collaborators today.  I'm done with my shower so the dirt and grime from the miles and miles of driving, shooting, and carrying the heavy equipments have already been washed off and I am now refreshed . . . still tired, but much refreshed.

Several concepts have been executed today - and that's a big reason for me to be happy - I don't know yet if we have learned anything new, that's something to find out once I sit down and review the more than 700 pictures taken today.  Anyway, stories from this day will be told here, in parts, at Little Adventures in the days to come.  And of course, some of the pictures.  But the bigger majority of the pictures (and in higher resolution too) will be featured in my photo blog, Lighting Adventures.  So do check out both of them regularly.

The image above was one of the photos taken today.  Until then, see ya!!




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