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Friday, June 30, 2006

Sony Ericsson W550i

So this is the little fella I used for the snaps featured in the previous blog. I bought it primarily because it's a walkman (with outstanding audio quality) and can carry enough music to keep me entertained during my trips to and from my place of work. The camera feature was secondary. But now I'm discovering what a handy feature it's camera is. I'm not that all surprised. I mean, Sony is an electronics giant - with enough experience in creating great hi fi stereo and has made it's share of contributions in the development of digital photography. But I'm a Canon shooter and have never had a Sony digicam before. This, I would consider my first. What I loved about it is its ease of use and speed. I can simply draw the phonecam and shoot in 3 pushes of its buttons. It doesn't have a dedicated button to start the camera (it does have a button dedicated for shutter release, though) and that's understandable because Sone Ericcson markets this model primarily as a walkman phone - the camera is just an extra feature. But still, I've become used to it and can now shoot quickly. I love this phone. I know it's not perfect and Nokia loyalists will raise an eyebrow but it serves my needs at the moment. I think my next phone will be another Sony Ericsson.


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