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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Doha Pinoy Shooters at 110th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations

Please click on the photo above to see some of our collective work during that day.

DPSC's biggest photoshoot activity yet - the full photo-coverage and documentation of the Philippine Embassy's "Fiesta-Fiesta 2008" in celebration of the 110th Philippine Independence Day - has been a huge success!! Despite some minor obstacles we all had to handle during the day, we achieved our various goals for participating in this event:

1. We are now recognized and accepted by our Kabayans and other Filipino Organizations here in Qatar.
2. We were able to arouse the Filipino public's interest in photography. Proof of that is the number of people approaching our booth making inquiries and asking for application forms for membership.
3. Through the photo souvenir prints, we have recovered our expenses for putting up the booth plus a little extra.
4. I'm sure everyone who were there had a great time, despite many (including myself) being really, really tired :) But looking back - what the heck, I had a fantastic time with you guys =D
5. We have successfully, photo-documented the event. I don't know the exact figures yet but my estimate is that collectively, we produced more than 10,000 photos. Bahala nang pumili si Rocky at si Adonis - sila na lang ang maduling :) That does not include Joel's time-lapse capture of the flag hand-print event.
6. Oh yes . . . we did managed to bag an award - kaya lang, hanggang ngayon wala pa ring makapagsabi sa akin kung anong award yung na-receive natin :) Everyone was so into shooting the event that we all got caught by surprise when the hosts called on Doha Pinoy Shooters for winning an award. I had to go in front and shake-hands with Adonis and the hosts not knowing what for - hehehe.

May nakalimutan pa ba ako?

Of course, maraming-maraming salamat po sa lahat - to all the members who volunteered their time, efforts, and equipments. Pati na rin yung mga hindi makasama sa event due to other prior commitments, but who actively participated in the discussion threadsa and provided some ideas and insights.

Thanks to the Admin and officers who tirelessly spent many many meetings with me in Costa Coffee to organize this event. Ngayon gusto na nilang isuka ang Costa - hahaha.

To those who were there, thanks a lot for staying with us until the end.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat!!!


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