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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Action Air

"Extreme Workout" by alexdpx

First off, there is no lighting technique to be shared in this article.  We did nothing special here, just 1 speedlight in balance with ambient - which is the blazing afternoon sun.  This is all about the experience of a photoshoot which is different for both myself and the model.

According to her, this is one concept, a fitness concept, she has not done before.  Her usual photoshoots would include elegant dresses, or swimsuits, or props, accessories, various makeup and costumes . . . but nothing that demands significant physical effort on her part.  As for me, yes, I have done fitness photoshoots before, but the purpose of those were to show exercise routines and involves a fitness instructor who would direct the model.  This is purely for concept and artistic expression.
"Flight" by alexdpx

The original plan was to do this along the Doha Corniche or Aspire Park because those are the sensible locations for this kind of photoshoot.  Those are were fitness buffs in Doha actually jog.  But our destination for that day was Al Shamal, the northern most part of Qatar.  Frankly speaking, there's nothing out there but rocky desert and ruins.  Definitely not the place one would think of to jog.  But this is conceptual so I asked her to bring her fitness outfit anyway and we'll see.

"Action Air" by alexdpx

As it turned out, the blue sky with little patches of white clouds and the relatively flat but rocky terrain of the northern wastelands provided a neutral and uncluttered backdrop for her body and outfit.  I wanted to do more than just static poses, so I asked her to run and hop and jump.  In the process of demonstrating to her how to do it and in which point exactly to jump, I miscalculated my fall and ended up rolling through the dirt to protect my camera.  I got scratches and bruises as a result but I was okay.  The photoshoot continued with karate kicks until we had to move on to the next concept.

"Side Kick" by alexdpx

We had a second round of the fitness concept in a gymnasium (the photo above is one from the second round) with more traditional fitness poses and props.  However, the ones in this article are the ones I like best.

So how's the model?  Yes, she survived the day without a scratch and was still bubbly on the way home.  But the following day, she could hardly walk because her whole body was aching.  She had a lot of fun though.




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