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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beyond Snapshots - An Introduction to Creative Photography

Existing photography clubs in Qatar today have members that are not exactly new to photography.  Meanwhile, DSLR's are becoming more and more affordable, and therefore, it is fast becoming a consumer product.  Many are buying DSLR's hoping that their snapshots would improve by leaps and bounds but sadly, to make your DSLR "sing", you need to know how to control it.

Like a high performance Ferrari, you need some skills to really make it perform the way it was made.  Sadly, again, workshops as basic as this is rarely offered in photography clubs, simply because there is no demand for it.  Ironically, many first-time DSLR owners join photography clubs, but later loses interest because the other members are advanced in their learning and they have difficulty in catching up.

This workshop is ideal for that market . . . a basic introduction in creative photography.  Our very first batch of classes will start tonight at the Filipino Cultural Center (FCC) and hopefully, this will continue on a weekly basis.

If you are in Doha, Qatar and interested in attending one of our sessions, please contact yours truly at this email address:




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