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Friday, July 07, 2006

Breakfast at Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, Ramada Signal Branch, Doha, Qatar
When you mention Dairy Queen, the first thing that comes to mind is their Blizzard and other cold products. But here in Doha, their store is open 24 hours a day with hot food on the menu and breakfast is served from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 7 days a week. (Except during Ramadan season). I only know of two food outlets in Doha serving breakfast on Fridays - one is Dairy Queen and the other is Dunkin Donuts. The other restaurants don't open until 12 noon. Dairy Queen serves a few variety of continental breakfasts but of course, other food in its menu is also available.
This branch sports a new interior. While it's cozy and more relaxed in feel, I thinks it's rather boring.
Friday mornings are usually the busiest because of the reason mentioned above. It has also become a destination for Filipino's who come here directly from church right after the Friday mass (Friday is our Sunday here). Other people who come here include guests from the adjacent Ramada Hotel who are looking for a cheaper breakfast alternative, people who have just finished their morning jog or basketball game, businessmen and executives conducting breakfast meetings and people who just want to wake up late on a weekend and not be bothered with preparing breakfast and cleaning up afterwards.
The colored mosaic tiles of the restaurant building's parapet is distinctive and unique in Doha.
A breakfast platter costs QR 10.00 (US$ 2.74 or PHP 140.00). Your choice of 2 eggs cooked sunny-side-up with toasts and hash brown, omelette with toasts and hash brown, and pancakes with sausage and hashbrown. Included in the platter is your choice of tea or freshly brewed coffee. Coffee is not really that good but I'd take brewed coffee anytime rather than instant coffee. You can mix and match the side dishes, for example if you don't like the hash brown, you can have it exchanged with a hotdog which I usually do. For an additional of QR 5.00, you can have a cup of mixed fruits and orange juice. But, what I'm after is a reasonably priced breakfast so I don't bother with the options.

One of the breakfast sets offered and my usual order - Omellete Platter includes 2 toasts, hotdog and your choice of tea or coffee.
These are light meals so to this who are used to rice and heavy breakfasts, this is not for you. But then you can always order two for yourself instead of one.


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