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Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Totally Dig Storm Large

Storm Large - Copyright Laura Domela

Say who??? That will probably be the reaction of many who will read this article. That was my reaction when I first heard of her. Perhaps some will think that Large is Storm's (the X-Men mutant) family name. But no, Storm Susan Large is a real person. She's one of the contenders in the ongoing search for a lead singer for the newly formed rock band, Supernova. It's the second season of the rality show Rockstar. Last year it was INXS looking for a new lead singer. This year it's a new band called Supernova. But I'm not here to talk about the search. I'm here to talk about Storm. You can find out more about the show Rockstar: Supernova in the show's website. I first took notice of Storm early in the show mainly because of her physical looks. Long blonde hair, deep green eyes and a killer, 6' tall body. Absolutely stunning, absolutely gorgeous. Then her name was announced (Say who??? - my reaction) and I was intrigued. So far, I can see a wnning package - a gorgeous lead singer with a name befitting a rock star. All we need now is hear if she can sing and what she can do on stage.

Storm Large - Copyright Laura Domela

In the first 4 weeks, I think her performance can be generally described as wild and at some point, a little bit lunatic. But she can definitely sing and at the same time, grab the audience's attention and maintain a high level of excitement throughout her performance. My favorite part was when she jumped into the audience and let the audience catch her at the end of the song. I'm sure it's been done before but, it's the first time I've seen a woman do it. Supernova thought her performance was overwhelming that the following night, decision night (it's when the band decides who's eliminated for that particular week) she was given the encore performance - meaning she was asked to repeat the performance prior to deciding who's eliminated. But this time, perhaps she thought that repeating the jump would not have the same impact as when she first did it. So at the end of the song, she just simply dropped dead on stage like she's been shot. And that was just as great.

Storm and The Balls - Copyright Laura Domela

For 5th week, she shifted gears and turned off her wild side to show a softer side. That she can also do slow rock as well as hard rock. She chose to sing David Bowie's 'Cheers'. She changed her appearance as well. For this performance, she wore her blond hair straight with a more conventional makeup and an outfit that looks more like a business suit. Lovely, classy, and once again, the band loved her performance. In an earlier performance, Tommy Lee (yeah, Pamela Andersons former husband and the one with her on the sex video) - the band's drummer, commented that he just want to see more of her. To which, Storm replied with a six-letter word - Google. So, like the rest of her fans, I googled her and found out that she has been rocking for quite some time and her band, The Balls is already a popular one in Portland, Oregon. At the same time she has been doing some photographic modelling - basically to promote her band, Storm and The Balls but there was a photoshoot of her by photographer Laura Domela . Well, she is model material so I don't see why she won't venture into that type of art.

Storm Large - Copyright Laura Domela

Some people question whether fans watch her perform because of her killer good looks or her singing talent. I watch her performance because of both. I hope she wins this gig and succesfully lead Supernova to greater heights. Then we'll be able to see more of her without having to google. I am no fan of rock music, but then, I really have no particular preference to any type of music. I simply dig what sounds good - rock, pop, jazz, alternative or even classical. You may view Storm Large's profile in the show's website and some of her photos here.

Her performances during the past weeks:

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