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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An Afternoon at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha

The crystal chandelier hanging magnificently at the lounge ceiling.

A friend of mine invited me to an afternoon snack at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha. Actually the main purpose of our visit there was a family photo shoot. He has asked me to photograph him and his family. His idea, which was a candid, outdoor shoot without the artificial studio lighting, matched with mine. But we needed a good location to do the shoot. I will write more on that in my next post. For now, let me concentrate on the nice afternoon experience during and in-between photo shoot.

An accessorized coffee table at the lounge.

I had snack with my friend and his family at the lobby. For myself, I ordered a decaffeinated latte and a club sandwich. They were both really nice. I have no comment on the food except that they were served quite plenty that my snack was good enough for me to last until breakfast the next morning. So if a light snack is what you have in mind, this is not the place to go to.

The decaffeinated latte I ordered.

Considering the heat and humidity outside, the cool air-conditioning and the soft seats combined with the sight and sound of running water from the central fountain were really a welcome experience for the senses. They made the interior mood really comfortable. It was very nice. I only had this one complaint that the lobby does not give you enough outdoor views. Although there are huge windows, they are mounted high up above the door. They, therefore, are there to admit natural light not to offer outdoor views.

Landscaped grounds.

Afterwards, we went outside to the beach and swimming pool area to take advantage of the wonderful natural lighting that afternoon sunlight's warm glow gives. It was still humid and everybody started to sweat. Fortunately, there was a light breeze to cool us off a bit. There were still a few hotel guests enjoying the pool and the beach.

Then we went to the board walk where you can have a view of the marina and the hotel's man made beach. We stayed there a while until the sun has set. Most of the more successful photos I took were actually shot there. Beautiful place! I feel like I could spend hours and hours just sitting there and enjoying the view.

My snack - Tuna and Bacon Club Sandwich.

When the temperature has dropped a little, I think I'd go back there with my wife and do just that.




  • I always enjoy looking at your photos Bro, profesional ang dating. kahit simpleng subject you can make it like a magazine advertisement photo. keep posting Bro

    By Anonymous Papa Dick, at 9/10/2006 09:16:00 AM  

  • Thanks for dropping by Richard. Halika muna't makapag-kape. Hehehe.

    By Blogger alexdpx, at 9/10/2006 03:50:00 PM  

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