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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Souq Al Asiery - Pilipino Souq to Pinoys

A line of shops in the Pilipino Souq selling Pilipino products. Pilipino Bakery being the most prominent one because of its famous siopao, hopia, and pandesal products.

I don't really know why. But whenever I go to a new country, for work or short visit, I'm always glad to see a fellow Pilipino. And even more glad to know where they all hang out. Here in Doha, you'll find them everywhere. Malls, restaurants . . . parks. But if you've just landed in Doha and have no idea how or where to start, the Souq Al Asiery, otherwise known as the Pilipino Souq, would be the best place to go.

Looking to the other end, there's more shops. Here you can see the Pilipino Food Stuff grocery.

Arabic food may be strange to new comers so they would really look for familiar tastes. There are several eateries and restaurants serving Pilipino food within the area. One of them is called "Pilipino Bakery" which is popular not only for the meals but also for its siopao and other Pilipino style bread. They sell pandesal, mongo bread, and even hopia.

That's my wife looking into buying some pandesal and hopia at Pilipino Bakery.
Need a haircut? Damascus Int'l Saloon is just next door with Pilipino barbers. 'Forgot to buy some personal supplies before flying to Doha? There are two groceries selling Pilipino stuff. Are you looking for your church (Catholic, Born Again, Iglesia, etc...)? Just ask around. Need a place to stay? Again ask around, or better yet ask the restaurant people. Most kabayans post an advertisement there.
Another grocery at the corner, Manila Supermarket sells Pinoy stuff.
Going there is not even a problem. There are now plenty of Pilipino taxi drivers who can take you there. If, by chance, you got a non-Pilipino driver, that's not a problem too. Just say "Pilipino Souq" and they would know. In fact I am amused with how these drivers are familiar with common Pilipino directional words such as 'kaliwa', 'kanan', and 'diretso'. Quite useful when you already know the roads.

My wife inside Manila Supermarket. Notice the Doritos and Chippy in the background - they're all from the Philippines.




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