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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Job's Simple Rewards

I love my job. Other than the usual perks, my work on the airport does have some additional rewards.
After conducting an inspection one day, I stopped by at Costa Coffee Shop in the DIA's (Doha International Airport) Departure Hall. I was wearing my gate pass around my neck when I ordered for a latte. When I paid, I was surprised that I was being charged less than the listed price. Seeing the puzzled look in my face, the cashier explained that he's giving me 25% discount because I'm an airport staff. Well, technically not, but practically, I guess I am.
The other night, because of the gate pass I hold, I was able to send a friend off and got to stay with him right up to the boarding gate - like he's some kind of a V.I.P.
My job's simple rewards. Nice, don't you think?


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