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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exploring Possibilities 2 - Alternative Lighting

Mrs. Alexdpx's spanking brand new Bose Soundock II speakers for iPOD.
This is my wife's new Bose Soundock II speakers for iPod. She wanted a picture of it simply for posting to her Facebook - to show off to her friends. However, I wanted to do more than just a snapshot. It's a Bose speaker . . . a premium product, a premium brand . . . why would I just want to do a snapshot? It's a beautiful piece of gadget, it deserves something better. Well, I still did the snapshots she requested and below is one that turned out decently. After taking a few snaps, its shiny silver finish presented some problems in lighting - especially when the shot is impromptu and has to be done on top our dining table while she was testing it.

Snapshot 1

I took a few more snapshot and decided to develop the lighting on the viewpoint below. There were some clutter on the table that is too much trouble to clear so I thought that a tight, frame-filling composition would work best.
Snapshot 2

I tried to light it with my three strobes but then I thought this could be done a lot simpler. I remembered, inside our home, we have two LED book lamps plus I've got several small LED torches so I thought of using those. But because they're not all that powerful, ambient light (coming from the ceiling fluorescents) kills the light they cast on the Bose. So I decided to turn off the ceiling lights and shoot in the dark with only this three as light source.

Two LED book lamps and torch were all the lighting I needed for this shoot. Small they may be but they produced big results. Lighting setup on our dining table.

Cluttered background was hidden by darkness and the tiny pools of light created by LED light sources were all that's needed to light the subject.





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