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Monday, February 08, 2010

ND Grad Filter for instant HDR

A simple neutral density graduated filter, or ND grads as they are more commonly called, is the simplest solution to the dark-foreground-bright-sky problem.  The photo above shows details both on the street and the beautiful cloudy sky above.

This photo is of the same scene with exposure taken from the street scene.  As you see, the sky in the next photo appear to be brighter loosing some of the details in the clouds.  That's because to expose the street scene correctly the already bright sky was overexposed.  Modern digital methods thru bracketed exposure and digital blending - better known as HDR process usually solves this.  But ND Grads are the more conventional method and to me, the better solution, because you get to capture the scene in real pixels - not something assumed by your softwares.

The picture below demonstrates what ND grads can do.




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