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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Concept Driven Lighting

Two photoshoots in one day, each one different from the other.

There was a time in my photographic career when my idea of a terrific lighting would always include an umbrella or a soft box.  It's a safe bet and you could almost never go wrong.  Everyone loves soft light.  It makes skin look creamier and softer because light virtually "wraps around" your subject, hiding some signs of aging and imperfections on almost anyone's skin.  Shadows blend smoothly to highlights, it's simply beautiful.
It's just a shame that a lot of photographers can't get past this stage.  To those, every light has to be soft.  I've seen a good number who would light in the same way whatever the concept is, wherever the location is and whenever the shoot is.  As if, it's the only lighting technique anyone needs to know.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Chosen One

Fujifilm Finepix X10

My new camera is the Fujifilm X10!  I know it's not a Canon!  Anyone who knows me knows I'm a Canon fan and would have chosen the G1X instead but the truth is . . . I was surprised myself with this unusual choice!  So why the unlikely choice?  Well, let me tell you why . . .
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm curious how different people react to pictures - a portrait, in particular.  So a week ago, I posted these 2 pictures side by side in my Facebook photos as an experiment.    The two photos were taken under the following conditions:

1. They are of the SAME person.
2. SAME location.
3. SAME viewpoint.
4. SAME lighting condition.
5. SAME camera.
6. SAME lens.
7. SAME settings in values and white balance were used in the RAW to JPEG post-process and conversion, although variations in the brightness of the background occured during the process.
8. The 2 photos were taken merely seconds apart with the camera not leaving my eye.  The left one being first.
9. The left photo is, indeed, slightly sharper.  This was due to the single-shot focus lock I imposed on my camera causing it not to track the subject's eyes as she tipped her head slightly down.
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