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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exploring Possibilities 2 - Alternative Lighting

Mrs. Alexdpx's spanking brand new Bose Soundock II speakers for iPOD.
This is my wife's new Bose Soundock II speakers for iPod. She wanted a picture of it simply for posting to her Facebook - to show off to her friends. However, I wanted to do more than just a snapshot. It's a Bose speaker . . . a premium product, a premium brand . . . why would I just want to do a snapshot? It's a beautiful piece of gadget, it deserves something better. Well, I still did the snapshots she requested and below is one that turned out decently. After taking a few snaps, its shiny silver finish presented some problems in lighting - especially when the shot is impromptu and has to be done on top our dining table while she was testing it.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Exploring Possibilities

Red cloth used by the store owner to cover his items.

During a recent photowalk in Souq Waqif, I noticed this nice red piece of cloth used as a cover for some antique items for sale. What caught my eyes is its vibrant color and texture. Immediately, I thought that this would make a nice photographic background. Then I noticed that myself and my companions are in an entrance to a hallway and diffused natural light is shining beautifully onto the hallway.

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