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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fujifilm X10: It's really, really good BUT, BUT, BUT . . .

Burj Al Arab Beach, Dubai, UAE.  As techy as the camera is, it can also be as simple as the most idiot-proof gadgets.  Here, I had no problem handing it to someone who's not familiar with the camera to take my picture with the Burj Al Arab.

The title of this blog should have been "Dubai and Abu Dhabi Through the Lens of the Fujifilm X10", but I thought it was very long and sounded more like a travel blog than a camera review.  I've had the X10 for over a month now and have been using it for some casual shoots.  I've been liking it so far but when I took it to Abu Dhabi  and Dubai for a weekend trip, that's when its negative qualities began to show up.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 Abu Dhabi Tour

My wife's going on a business trip so I'm basically just tagging along.  This would be the 3rd we are visiting this beautiful place and I'm as excited to go as I was the first 2 times.  Arrangements to meet up with some friends there have already been made for Friday (18th May) but Saturday is still virtually open.  Drop me a line if anyone's interested to meetup for coffee or photoshoot :)

My plan is to shoot with the Fujifilm X10 and see if I can live on a pleasure trip without a DSLR.  But for this trip, I'm still bringing my Canon EOS 7D . . . just in case.


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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Concept Driven Lighting 3: Let the Sunshine In

I will admit upfront that I'm borrowing this lighting concept from the notebook of American corporate photographer David Tejada.  He lights a scene in ways that doesn't look artificially lit.  They come out naturally realistic and believable.  Recreating the warm glow of sunset in a fairly shaded scene is one of those that stuck to my head and have been using in a few of my previous photoshoots.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Concept Driven Lighting 2 - Pool Table

We're back again with Mitzi as model.  This time, we're on the pool table trying to make her look like a real billiard player.  From the start, my lighting thoughts were to make it look like an actual pool table scenario so there can only be one way to light this and that is to hang one soft box right on top.  Sounds simple enough but that lighting setup was designed for playing billiards, not for photography.  Obviously, there are obstacles to overcome if that lighting is to work.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

In The Beginning . . . .

My first camera, Ricoh 35 EFL with a fixed Rikenon 40mm f/3.8 lens and built-in electronic flash.

My interest in photography started when I was very, very young . . . I'm pretty sure it was in my elementary school days.  But I would say that my "addiction" with the shutter bug began to worsen in 3rd year high school when I managed to convince my parents to buy the above pictured camera as their birthday present to me - that was way back in October of 1983. 
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