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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fashion and Portrait Shoot . . . with Available Light

Indoor photoshoot session with nothing but a standard sized window with drapes as light-source.

"Catch The Light" was the title of this DPSC workshop and photoshoot with our own Bench D. Yrac as guest speaker and facilitator.  While the photoshoot involved the use of a model, the focus of both workshop and photoshoot was how to use available light effectively.  I don't mind shooting fashion or portraits with available light - in fact this is what I always look for in an environmental photoshoot mostly - but that would almost always be accompanied by at least one artificial light (strobe) that I can literally control.

Fashion Shoot with available light and some reflectors.

I was not a direct participant, my role in this workshop/photoshoot was as an assistant and documentations photographer but I did picked up some valuable lessons.  It taught me to be more observant of the shooting location and that you don't always have to draw your flashgun to do an effective photoshoot.  Reflectors are invaluable for this kind of shoots - and so are friends and assistants to hold and put them in the right position.  Of course, there are mounting devices and stands for reflectors but when shooting outdoors, they could be easily knocked down even by the slightest breeze of air.

Photo taken outdoors under a shade with natural light.
This workshop and photoshoot proved one thing - that you can do fashion and portrait shoot on a budget.




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