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Friday, September 08, 2006

I Still Dig Storm Large

Susan Storm Large in "Rockstar: Supernova"

I'm a little sober at the moment because my bet for Rockstar: Supernova bid farewell last night. Susan Storm Large has been eliminated from the competition.

It wasn't really that much of a surprise for me. After her performance of David Bowie's "Changes" (which in my book is her most memorable in the show), her following ones were not exactly to Supernova's liking but she really had some difficult songs to work with. Okay that may sound a little biassed - of course every song is difficult to work with but, c'mon . . . "I Will Survive"??? Her rendition though was a different and interesting one but the fault of choosing the song no one else would rather sing was hers. Because of that, her performances suffered and it started to emerge that, extremely talented as she is, her artistic interpretations were not the right fit for the band.

However, watching this weeks episode, I thought she came in strong with her performances impressing Gilby Clarke during the song-writing clinic, impressing Dave Navarro during the cover performance of another David Bowie song and impressing everyone, including Supernova themselves, when she performed her original song, "Ladylike", and leaving drummer Tommy Lee lost for words. I thought she has hit a grandslam here and expected her to win either the opportunity to rock with Supernova or the encore performance on elimination night.

But she got neither. Iceland's Magni got to rock with Supernova and The Australian Toby Rand got the encore and the prize "Hondamobil", as Jason Newsted called it. (It was nice of Toby though to dedicate his encore performance in memory of the late Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, another favorite personality of mine.) It was then that I felt that Storm might be sent home if she ends up in the bottom 3. And she did. She was also the only remaining rocker who has not performed with Supernova. She must have felt the same when she performed "Wish You Were Here". The power of her voice was lost and compared to Marty Casey's rendition of the same song last season (Rockstar: INXS), this was easily forgettable. Tears rolled down from her eyes and dedicated the performance to her mother afterwards. Maybe, but I believe part of the reason is the spectre of the "Tommyhawk". That means, she'll be sent home.

Tommy Lee couldn't do it so he passed the duty of delivering the bad news to bassist Jason Newstead.

Storm Large bids goodbye to her fans at Week 10 of "Rockstar: Supernova" show.

Before joining the competition to front Supernova, Storm was already a star in her own right and already has her own legion of fans. Her 10 weeks in the show has earned her some more and with that, I know that she will not go down in her music career. To quote another competitor, Dilana, "She'll be back LARGER THAN LARGE."



* More of Storm's photos, music and performance videos at:


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