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Sunday, October 01, 2006

It Makes Mosaic Painlessly And It's Absolutely FREE!

Original photo by Andrew Villasis (Boso). The mosaic tiles used are all the pictures I took during my last visit to the Philippines last April 2006.

Have you ever thought about making a mosaic before of your favorite photo from a recent vacation using all the other pictures from the same event as tiles? I have. In fact I tried doing one manually with Photoshop. How difficult can it be? All you need is to reduce the size of each photo, stick them all together and then put the main photo in another layer and adjust the layer transparencies accordingly and you got yourself a mosaic!! Wrong!! I didn't got the effect the way it should be.

Recently, from one of the photography magazines I've read, I discovered AndreaMosaic and the best thing about it is it's absolutely FREE for download. I wouldn't go into details on how to use it because I'm sure you can easily figure out how it works and how to use it. The download comes with instructions in PDF format. Below are samples of some mosaics I have done using the software. Obviously, the more tiles (small pictures) you use, the closer your mosaic will appear compared to the base image. However, I must tell you that after you click the "Make Mosaic" button, you may want to make your self a cup of coffee because it will take from anything between 10 to 60 minutes before it can finish your mosaic.

You can download your copy of ANDREAMOSAIC for free at

Have fun!




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