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Monday, December 04, 2006

The 15th Asian Games Opening Ceremony Photos

I am perhaps one lucky fellow. I am one of the many professionals from around the world who played a part in the design and construction of the main venue - the Khalifa Stadium. Yet I am the only one (that I know of) who got lucky enough to witness this huge project be put to use for what it was design and constructed for - The 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar.
I guess it has a lot to do with photography. Our company needs high quality images of the stadium and the opening ceremony for its marketing purposes. In the office I am the employee who is most vocal about my passion with photography. And so when my office needed such images, I was chosen for the mission.
I have posted some of the photos I took in my flickr account. I wish I could write a dedicated blog here but the story is more of pictures than of words.
I'm building up the photo collection here:
You may also wish to view the discussion thread where other members of flickr and Flickers Photo Club here post their comments as I post the pictures. Just click the link below:
Come back often to these links because they will go on for the duration of the Asian Games which ends on the 15th of December 2006. I've got plenty of pictures to post both from the opening ceremony and a few sports action that I'm planning to watch.
In the opening ceremony alone, I managed to click 591 photos (can't share all of it though.) Imagine how much more I can shoot.


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